Thursday, April 26, 2007

A late update to the Blog for "Dead Week" April 22 -29 and FINALS WEEK April 30 - May 5

Worship Band rehearsal: Thursday night (4/26) at 6:45 in the Sanctuary

PRAXIS on Thursday, April 26: LUST A continuation of our discussion of the 7 Deadly Sins. PRAXIS is at 8pm

SPRING GALA - Saturday night at 7pm. An end of the school year dinner party and opportunity to honor our grads and super seniors. It's all so special so we are dressing up a bit. You can still email your RSVP to Marci at

Worship this Sunday at 10am. This is the last one for the year and has been our custom, it will also be an opportunity to share a gift in worship (read a poem, act out a little, do something musical, dance, something with PowerPoint that reminds of God, or other artwork ...) Let Molly know at if you'd like to do something.

FINALS WEEK BREAKFASTS - Monday through Friday from 9-11am. Eat, stay, leave, come back, eat again, study, play some video games, take a test, eat, do a Sudoku... Breakfasts are hot and made to order. There will also be a variety of cereals, drinks, fruit and other snacks

Gonna be in town this summer? Keep in touch for summer activities and spiritual growth stuff. We'll being doing a lot of stuff together, so check your email, this Blog and Facebook for Foundation happenings.

Other dates:
May 4 - Overnight at LUM (Lafayette Urban Ministries)
May 5 - Semi-annual meeting of the Foundation's board of directors
August 3-5 - Leaders Training and Planning Retreat


Congratulations to The Found's newly elected leadership team and officers for next year:
Anna Verseman, President
Josh Wallace, Vice President
Tracey Waltz, Secretary
Beth Legan, Treasurer
Breanne Crowder, Worship Team leader
Drew Burton, Grounds and Facilities Team
Marci Colglazier, Missions and Service
Nathaniel Warnick, Outreach
Shannon Gilles, Social
David Richter, Technology
Evan Bever, Small Group studies Coordinator