Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BGR (Boiler Gold Rush) and Move In Week: After you've run yourself ragged with BGR (come see us at the BGR Activities Fair on Tuesday, August 19) and midnight Walmart runs, come by and visit The Found. We're at the corner of 2nd and Russell. The facility is easy to spot. We have an upside down roof that has provided us with many laughs over the years.

(This is what we look like all dressed up for Christmas!)

Saturday August 23, at 7pm Worship Team Call Out and Rehearsal: Interested in music, drama, art, readings, or ??? You may have some good ideas for worship that you haven't been express yet. If you miss our call out you can our rehearsals anytime. Keep watch on our Facebook group "Baptist Student Foundation at Purdue" for our regular rehearsal times and drop in. All are welcome.

August 24: Worship Gathering at The Found. We meet for worship on Sunday mornings throughout the academic year. Stay for lunch on the 24th!

August 28: Call Out at 7pm. A good time to make more connections with The Foundation

August 28: PRAXIS at 8pm. "Praxis" is Greek for "acts." It's practical, it's Biblical and it's about connecting better with Jesus and the world we live in.

Renovation Groups will begin organizing this first week of class. These are small group Bible studies focusing on spiritual growth.

September 6: Picnic and sand volleyball

September 27: Canoeing at Turkey Run State Park