Friday, July 22, 2011

Cleaning up a bit

It's July.

It's 96 outside.

It might be even hotter than that in here.

But we still have to do it. The place needs to be cleaned up after another year of everyone living (it up) here.

Here's the list:

Let's start with The Shed - It's a disaster. There's probably 150 years worth of leftover lofts, dried paint and maybe even some Civil War relics in there. Let's pull everything out. Sell the Civil War stuff on ebay and get rid of as much as we can. So we can put more stuff in there ...

Moving on to the Stained Glass Studio (aka the library). We have some newer stuff in there that we can put in the shed. Then we can make some slot in the shelves for glass panels and add some work space for glass cutting, grinding wheels and soldering stations. And the lights. We have to do something about the lights in there ...

While we're inside, maybe it's time to fix the office that got flooded when our roof failed? We've got a plan where we take down what's left of the old ceiling tiles, add recessed lighting and apply a textured coat to the suspended ceiling. While we're at it, let's do something about that wallpaper in there. I think we can make that room look really nice again.

Other "inside" stuff that needs to happen: the usual cleaning, dusting, window washing, vacuuming and toilet cleaning.

Once all that's done we can refinish the second floor tiles.

Meanwhile, there is the yard (grass, flower beds, weeds, overgrown ivy and bushes, etc.), some painting in the Co-op, and the usual re-organizing of the basement and kitchen.

I think we can get it all done in a week and I'm thinking it would be a good idea to do it between July 30 and August 6. (I hear it's going to be a lot cooler that week.)

Are there a few hours, or even a day or two you'd be able to help out?

Let us know!

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